Advanced Rust Protection and Bed Liners

When You've Got Rust, We've Got Answers

Is rust starting to show on your vehicle? Better yet, do you want to prevent it from even starting? Contact Precision Collision Of Frankfort today!

Dear Friend:

We have developed an exciting new process to help prevent rust and stone chipping. I've been in the body shop business for 25 years, and I know the first place a vehicle starts rusting is on the bottom lip of the doors and lower areas of the body, caused by stone chips from tires and exposure to road salt, mud, water, etc.
We've never had a repair that held up well for a long period of time until now! I feel confident that I've come up with a process for long-term protections of the lower areas of your vehicle. We use the same polyurea/polyurethane coating we use for bed liners to protect portions of your vehicle. We do the door bottoms, inside and out, as well as the rocker panels and behind the rear wheels.
This material has 320% elongation, which means it stretches 3 times its length before it would ever rip, and it has a 2,500-psi tinsel strength, which means it holds up to the meanest stones your tires can throw at it. Plus, it seals the rust-prone seams on the lower part of the doors!

We can also rustproof the inside of the body panels and undercarriage for added protection. The coating can be applied in black to add contrast or color-coded to exactly match your vehicle.

I'm not going to promise you that your vehicle will never rust, but I really believe that we can double the life of your vehicle's body by coating the most rust- and chip-prone areas with Arma.
- Reagan Frixen, Owner

NO MORE rattling, rusting, rotting, slipping, or chipping!

Our Expert Protection Application Process

  • First, we mask off the areas for coating and apply specialized trimming tape.
  • We sand the paint using the factory paint as our base primer.
  • If you have existing rust, we'll repair it first and then apply a self-etching rust-inhibiting primer.
  • Then we carefully apply the coating in a controlled environment.
  • If you choose to match your vehicle's color, we can do that, too.
  • Finally, we pull the trimming tape to reveal a professional finish on your finished product.

Extend Your Truck's Service Life With a Great Bed Liner

Our Arma Coatings truck bed liner will look great on your truck and will provide a protective barrier that prevents rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion from what you haul. Your truck will have an extended service life and increased re-sale value.

Drop-in liners rattle around, promote payload slippage, and allow moisture and grit to get underneath, which causes rust and abrasion.
Our truck bed liner sets in seconds, can be walked on in minutes, and is ready for use in just hours! Go off-road or haul that load the same day you get an Arma installation!
truck bed liner

Experience Arma Coatings' Hot Advantage

What you should look for in a quality, spray-on bed liner are consistency, even coverage, and uniform texture.

Cold, low-pressure applications that spatter, drip, run, and peel up can't come close to the looks or quality of Arma Coatings' heated, high-pressure application. See the Arma Coatings difference for yourself and you'll see why the hot one is the best one!
truck bed liner

Four Signs You're Looking at a Durable Arma Coating

  • The surface has an even texture
  • There are no runs and sags
  • The trim lines are laser straight
  • There's an Arma emblem on the inside of the truck bed
If you're interested in our rust protection or Arma truck bed lining services, call 231-352-7948.

Call 231-352-7948
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